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Clint Bennetti has been approved by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as director for a number of licensed companies, particularly those operating in the financial services industry.

Companies licensed by the MFSA are required to appoint directors with the necessary experience, qualifications and knowledge. This obligation is especially onerous for financial services providers, which routinely deal with their clients’ assets and may expose them to risk.

In many cases, companies will also benefit from appointing an external, independent director on the board, who introduces an expert and impartial outlook to their corporate governance structures.

Benefits of an external & independent company director

By appointing external directors, company owners operating in highly-regulated industries can bring additional expertise to the table and enhance their ability to take the strategic decisions needed to ensure good governance and overall company well-being.

Additionally, including a person who is independent of the other parties involved in the business further reassures stakeholders, investors, and regulatory bodies that the company is being managed in an impartial and professional manner.

Company owners and managers who are not Maltese may also benefit from the experience and knowledge of a resident director who is already familiar with the local legal and business context. In these situations, an external director provides crucial guidance which allows their business to operate successfully across borders.

Qualified & experienced financial services directorship

As a legal consultant specialised in financial services, Clint Bennetti has acted in the capacity of director for various companies, including trust and corporate services providers, fund managers, pension schemes and other providers of investment services. In this role, Dr Bennetti regularly assists companies in liaising with local authorities, fulfilling their duties in compliance with the law, as well as offering legal and other advice where necessary.

In addition to acting as a director in an independent and non-executive capacity, Clint has acted as executive and managing director for a number of companies, managing their business on an ongoing day-to-day basis. This has provided Clint with ample experience in dealing with the kind of everyday issues and complications that his clients face on a regular basis.

Clint’s background as a legal advisor specialising in regulatory matters enables him to grasp the various regulatory nuances and implications of every action and decision he is required to take or to contribute towards. Furthermore, since he has worked with a number of providers of financial services for a number of years, he can easily communicate and manage the relations with the various service providers and third parties that a company needs to collaborate with in order to function.

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